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Dear Affiliate,

Here at The Blackjack System we believe the affiliate comes first and we go out of our way to ensure you get the best possible support and help to ensure that making money from us is a breeze.

We are sure you will find The Blackjack System a great and lucrative product to promote and we hope to form a long term working relationship with you.

So please sign up below and be sure to receive all the support you could ever want and be on your way to becoming a super affiliate and earning lots of cash.

The Blackjack System Team

Why should you promote us?

75% Commission. We only ever give the top commission rate at clickbank, unlike others we put the affiliate first.

Converts like crazy! Send your traffic to our sales page, and watch in amazement as the sales come flooding in. In the first 24 hours our manual on how to profit from blackjack has converted at 1/9.7 (10.3%) from our initial tests.

Free Support and Advice. We have a long history of affiliate marketing and believe affiliates are the driving force behind any successful business. We are happy to take the time to make sure you have a successful campaign and maximize your profits.

Easy To Promote. We provide an excellent range of promotional tools to make your life a hell of a lot easier. Whatever you need to get your campaign off to a great start we can help ensure you get it.

It's a great product! We have received amazing feedback for this unique, quality entertaining product. There is nothing like this product on the internet, we are offering something new and fresh and the sales are flying in!

How do I sign up?

To join The Blackjack System Affiliate program you must follow these simple steps.

Sign up for a free ClickBank account. It only takes 1-2 minutes to sign up. CLICK HERE For Your Free ClickBank ID “Nickname”

Input your ClickBank ID “account nickname” into the following URL for your customized link to send customers to:


Simply replace the xxxxx with your Clickbank "nickname", for example, if your ClickBank ID is “dave1983” your customized sales link will be: http://dave1983.casinowin.hop.clickbank.net

Background Information

The Blackjack System is a guide written by a gambling professional showing the best possible way of making a fast profit from blackjack.

The method uses statistical data, casino bonuses and tournament strategies to give the player the best chance of walking away with a profit from the casino.

As you can see from our sales page we have unedited video evidence of a successful £650 win in less than 5 minutes.

The manual describes in detail how £1500+ was achieved in just two days.

In the manual the buyer is provided with further information on how to use the techniques explained in detail in the manual to profit in a total of 18 online casinos.

Whether a beginner or blackjack pro this manual contains lots of useful information to improve your blackjack game and for anyone who wants to make a greater profit from blackjack and pick up some great tips to increasing their wins, this is the perfect guide.

Without doubt this is the most comprehensive and professional blackjack system on the internet today.

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Recommended Pay Per Click Keywords

PPC Advertisers

You can send us an email if you would like to have your Yahoo or MSN Search conversion codes uploaded to our customer "Thank You" page in order to track which of your keywords convert the best.

Suggested Pay Per Click Ads

Here are a few examples of ads you may want try for your pay per click campaigns. If you create your own ads, be creative with how you grab peoples’ attention. The words you choose need to give people a reason to focus on your ad, and then click it.

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Make £650 In Less Than 5 Minutes
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The Blackjack System
How To Make £650 In Less Than 5 Minutes - Video Proof! www.blackjacksystem.co.uk

Banners / Graphics

Use the html code provided below the banner in order to link to these banners from our server, or save them on your own server. Make sure you replace "xxxxx" with your ClickBank ID.

Animated Banner - 468x60

The Blackjack System


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Animated Banner - 468x60

The Blackjack System


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Blackjack Banner 2


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230 x 272
Blackjack Ecover


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Best Performing Email

Here is the best performing email from our own promotions. Which had a massive click through rate of 38.7% and converted to sales at a rate of 10.3%!

Blackjack System Stats

Here is the email - Simply send it out to get massive sales but more importantly MASSIVE commissions!

Subject: Congratulations [firstname], You Have Been Selected...

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Email 2

Subject: [First Name], How You Can Make $1000+ in 4 Minutes!!! See Video Proof..


Email 3

Subject: This Is Urgent [First Name]...

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Forum and Email Signatures

Forums are a great place to create sales, particular with this product. Many other blackjack methods are simplistic or not very good, this method will be a breath of fresh air to people.

An amazing amount of sales can be generated by posting your affiliate link in a forum or email signature. You can set your preferences to have your signature automatically inserted with each posting at many different forums as well as with each email you send out.

Signature 1:

Watch Video Proof & Discover How You Can Make £650 In Less Than 5 Minutes!

Signature 2:

Ex Croupier Reveals Personal Blackjack System That Can Make You £1500 In Just 2 Days!

Signature 3:

Make Fast Easy Money With Virtually No Risk - Video Proof - Make £650+ Tonight

Feel free to create more signatures from the copy on the sales page. Remember be creative, whatever you thing will grab someone's attention. Once they click our awesome sales page will do the rest of the job.

Forums: Regularly post in the forums below. You will be amazed at how much money you can make simply by posting on forums. Include your affiliate link in your signature. Frequently make helpful and informational posts on forums, below are the 2 of the largest forums proven to get sales.




Write an article on The Blackjack System or a favorable review of blackjacksystem.co.uk. Include your affiliate link at the end of your articles. Some of the best article directories are listed below.




www buzzle.com







Note that you won't be able to use squidoo if you are writing up the review as a gambling related site, they may let you if you write it up as a make money product. You can use any article site instead of squidoo, I recommend www.ezinearticles.com

Free Classifieds

Post ads about on free classified website's. Include your affiliate link. Feel free to use any of our sales letter to easily create your ads:










Here is an Article You Can Use:

Feel free to make your own articles or use parts of the copy on our sales page

Title -So What Is So Special About The Blackjack System?


People are often interested in what a product is all about before they buy it and a great tactic used in affiliate marketing is to write a review or even better product a video review of the product. Feel free to contact us for special access to information, such as trial pages,a free copy of the guide for you to review or any pictures that may help your review.

Another option, is to do a video review and place it on youtube, this can be simply you purchasing the guide and then using it showing sneak peaks behind the scenes footage for all on youtube to see. Obviously you would want to make it a preview video, don't give to much away or no one will buy!

To save yourself time you may wish to base your review around the review written below.

Title - The Blackjack System- What Is it REALLY about?


Go to www.blogger.com and create a blog. Make some posts promoting BlackjackSystem.co.uk Ping them at www.pingomatic.com so that search engines and other websites pick them up.

Note that you won't be able to use squidoo if you are writing up the review as a gambling related site, they may let you if you write it up as a make money product. You can use any article site instead of squidoo, I recommend www.ezinearticles.com

Press Releases

Every once in a while, post a press release containing a positive review of BlackjackSystem.co.uk. You may do free press releases at www.free-press-release.com or www.i-newswire.com. For more exposure and more profit, post a paid press release at www.prweb.com or www.m2.com.

Discussion Groups

Join discussion groups at groups.yahoo.com and groups.msn.com. Discuss the amazing success BlackjackSystem.co.uk has with other group members.

Online Communities

Yahoo Answers” is a great opportunity to put your affiliate link in front of people who are asking and responding to gambling or questions on how to make money fast. Do a search for “win at blackjack” or "need money", "betting" etc to find your most-targeted audience.

Twitter is fast becoming a great way to create a lot of hype and get a huge follower list, remember any tweet you post CAN include your affiliate link. For tips on using twitter for affiliate marketing please click here

Joint Ventures

Got a product/service of your own, that you think our subscribers could benefit from? We are always happy to work with fellow gambling enthusiasts and help spread the word about their products, if you are interested in working with us or just asking for some advise please contact us at support@blackjacksystem.co.uk

Kind Regards

Phil Rushton

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